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Take a Deep Breath

por McKEAN-TINKER, Jenny
Take a Deep Breath
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Editorial: Silver
ISBN: 1872642667
Fecha de la edición: 2000
Lugar de la edición: (Gran Bretaña)
Nº Pág.: 297

pvp.9.95 €


Resumen del libro

When Josie and Linda meet at a party the impetuous Josie falls madly and foolishly in love. Ignoring the warnings of their mutual friend, Ruth, that Linda is heterosexual, she begins an affair that seems doomed to end in tears.
Trying to ignore the signs that they are going nowhere, Josie buries herself in  her work. She is writing a book about lesbian mothers, a subject that seems to cause Linda unease. For Linda has a secret buried in her past, one that she is deeply ashamed of. One that will continue to haunt her adult life and relationships until she faces up to it.
Jenny McKean-Tinker's poignant second novel is about much more than two women falling in love. It is about the way we bring up our children and the many different ways in which families are made. It is a testament of hope of how things can work when they are given the chance and how although you cannot change the past, you can lay it to rest.

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