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Sea Legs

por MacGREGOR, K.G.
Sea Legs
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Editorial: Bella Books
ISBN: 9781594931581
Fecha de la edición: 2009
Lugar de la edición: (usa)
Nº Pág.: 239

pvp.16.95 €


Resumen del libro

The Emerald Duchess sets sail for the serene Caribbean, but the passengers are headed for the chaos of romance. 

Kelly Ridenour couldn’t be happier. She’s leaving the bitter Rochester winter behind and going with new friends on a fabulous vacation. Even better, her cabin mate is Natalie Chatham, the lovely lady of Kelly’s recent daydreams. 

Natalie Chatham has a golden opportunity. Among the other travelers is Didi Caviness, her ex. She and Didi collaborated on their fashion business and their private lives until beautiful—and young--Pamela Roche came along. Natalie wants to win Didi back, even if she has to use one of the oldest tricks in the book to do it. 

With the attentive, dashing Kelly playing along, she’s going to show Didi she’s got competition. Kelly agrees to the charade, planning to make it look real, very real. Seasick and sunburned, Didi watches Kelly woo Natalie and wonders if she’s finally missed the boat. 

Not even the captain knows where this ship is going to land! Lambda Literary and Golden Crown winner KG MacGregor creates a sea cruise like no other, with all the charm, passion and surprises that readers worldwide have come to expect.

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