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  • The Big Book Of Lesbian Horse Stories

    por Alisa Surkis & Monica Nolan

    Kensington 2002

    The Big Book Of Lesbian Horse Stories

    These Are The Unbridled Desires Of Women Without Men…When Their Same-Sex Passion Explodes, Will The Stables Ever Be Safe Again? You've read about them, these sisters under the skin, vulnerable to the temptations of Sappho…Passion-starved ...

    pvp.15.95 €


  • Pages for You

    por Sylvia Brownrigg

    Picador 2001

    Pages for You

    In a steam-filled diner in a college town, Flannery Jansen catches sight of something more beautiful than she's ever seen: a graduate student, reading. The seventeen-year-old, new to everything around her—college, the East Coast, bodies ...

    pvp.9.95 €


  • Tea

    por Stacey D'Erasmo

    Washington Square 2001


    O n a spring day in 1968, eight-year-old Isabel Gold prepares tea for her mother, certain she will drink it and recover from her mysterious sadness. But the tea remains untouched. Not long after, her mother ...

    pvp.14.95 €


  • The Chinese Garden

    por Rosemary Manning

    The Feminist Press 2000

    The Chinese Garden

    The Bampfield School for Girls is housed in a crumbling country estate where "the physical standards are those of Dartmoor, the religion perverted, and the games mistress a sadist"-and where love between students is the ...

    pvp.6.95 €


  • Bold Coast Love

    por TREMAIN BRAUND, Diana

    Bella Books 2000

    Bold Coast Love

    When her lover Dana accepts a long-term assignment on a foreign shore, physician Jackie Claymont finds her quiet life in rural Maine abruptly transformed by two newcomers, each a nurse, each interested in romance, each ...

    pvp.12.95 €


  • Tea

    por Stacey D'Erasmo

    The Women's Press 2000


    O n a spring day in 1968, eight-year-old Isabel Gold prepares tea for her mother, certain she will drink it and recover from her mysterious sadness. But the tea remains untouched. Not long after, her mother ...

    pvp.9.95 €


  • In Hot Pursuit

    por Della Shannon

    Sapphire 2000

    In Hot Pursuit

    Late evening, New York City: young American adventuress Faith Ballard makes a reckless and illegal parachute jump off a tall building. Evading the police, she hides in the flat of a very sexy woman. Meanwhile ...

    pvp.9.95 €


  • Biche

    por Stephanie Theobald


    George and her gang - Holly, Bet, Ann and Alex- are twentysomething wannabes. Eking out an existence in whatever way they can, they live in a rundown part of Montmartre, waiting to be discovered as ...

    pvp.9.95 €


  • Hearts on Ice

    por Hilaire

    Serpent's Tail 2000

    Hearts on Ice

    In Melbourne, between the wars, Maude Fitzgerald grows up devoted to her beautiful, fragile sister Isabel, determined meanwhile to pursue a career in the male-dominated world of architecture. Seventy years later her great niece Frieda ...

    pvp.9.95 €


  • Valencia

    por Michelle Tea

    Seal 2000


    Valencia is the fast-paced account of one girl’s search for love and high times in the drama-filled dyke world of San Francisco’s Mission District. Through a string of narrative moments, Tea records a year lived in ...

    pvp.9.95 €





    «Harrison tient la forme. Sa prose est de plus en plus fluide, vivante, sinueuse. Ouvrir un de ses livres, c'est se faire de nouveaux amis. Ses personnages sont solitaires, imprévisibles, déjantés, formidablement attachants. Il règne ...

    pvp.6.00 €


  • Lost Daughters

    por REDMANN, J.M.

    Bold Strokes Books 1999

    Lost Daughters

    Micky Knight, a bayou-bred and out-of-the-closet New Orleans private investigator, takes on the cases of a widowed mother looking for her daughter and a tough gay boy hunting for his biological mother. When a young ...

    pvp.18.95 €

    Agotado temporalmente


    por Barrie Jean Borich

    Graywolf Press 1999


    "In My Lesbian Husband, Barrie Jean Borich asks a fascinating question: do the names we give our relationships change their meanings? Each chapter entertains an aspect of this question with prose that is spirited, artful, anything ...

    pvp.9.95 €


  • The Vintage Book of International Lesbian Fiction

    por HOLOCH, Naomi & NESTLE, Joan (eds.)

    Vintage 1999

    The Vintage Book of International Lesbian Fiction

    A groundbreaking volume from Lamda Award-winning editors Naomi Holoch and Joan Nestle, The Vintage Book of International  Lesbian Fiction presents a range of literary voices--from twenty-seven countries spanning six continents--and offers glimpses of lesbian life ...

    pvp.15.95 €


  • A Woman Determined

    por Jean Swallow

    Spinsters Ink 1998

    A Woman Determined

    When Margaret is hit by a car on the day she discovers her partner has embezzled thousands from the health clinic she runs, she hires attorney Laura Gilbert. Their search for justice shows truth as ...

    pvp.9.95 €


  • Calendar Girl

    por DUFFY, Stella

    Serpent's Tail 1998

    Calendar Girl

    Stand-up comic Maggie has fallen for "the girl with the Kelly McGillis body", a mysterious woman who can't commit herself. Meanwhile, South London detective Saz is hot on the trail of a woman known only ...

    pvp.6.95 €


  • Diamonds and Rust

    por Jane Thompson

    Silver 1997

    Diamonds and Rust

    Alice Morrison has created a world for herself. The headmistress of a girl's private school she lives surrounded by books and her beloved cat, Orlando. Not a very exciting existence - but a safe one. ...

    pvp.9.95 €


  • Two Gentlemen Sharing

    por CORLETT, William

    Abacus 1997

    Two Gentlemen Sharing

    Bellingford is a typical English village. Genteel vices and unspecified dramas may occasionaly occur, but always behind closed doors and carefully laundered lace curtains. Then the news breaks that the new occupants of the Hall ...

    pvp.22.00 €


  • The Color of Winter

    por Lisa Shapiro

    Naiad Press 1996

    The Color of Winter

    In a world that glorifies the mind but stifles the spirit, two women struggle to live life on their own terms.   Haunted by ghosts of the past, Dr. Sandra Ross, 51, seeks safety in ...

    pvp.9.95 €


  • I, etcetera

    por SONTAG, Susan

    Vintage 1996

    I, etcetera

      In eight stories, this singular collection of short fiction written over the course of ten years explores the terrain of modern urban life. In reflective, telegraphic prose, Susan Sontag confronts the reader with exposed ...

    pvp.9.95 €


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  • El lapicero mágico / The magic pencil

    por GÓMEZ CAMUS, Alicia & AMAVISCA, Luis

    Egales 2012

    El lapicero mágico / The magic pencil

    Aquella tarde Margarita tenia muchas ganas de ver a sus amigos Daniel y Carlo. Juntos salieron para ir al parque y de camino pasaron cerca de la casa de Garrapata... ¡No podian imaginar lo que ...

    pvp.16.95 €

  • Carved in Stone

    por ARNOLD, Charlotte G.

    Egales 2012

    Carved in Stone

    In the wilds of rural Northeast England, Lady Roise-Harwood is facing the prospect of having to part with her beloved ancestral home.   Isabelle Perez, more at home in the hub of gay London nightlife ...

    pvp.16.00 €

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