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    por Erzsébet Galgóczi

    Midnight Editions 2007


    A woman journalist who exposes the hypocrisy of the Soviet-dominated press is found murdered. With a plot that could have been ripped from today’s headlines, Another Love offers “a finely balanced blend of entertainment and political commentary” (Publishers ...

    pvp.14.95 €


  • Unbidden Desires

    por Donna Kelli

    Unbidden Desires

    In this sequel to Hidden Feelings, the exciting adventures of Lori and Julie continue. The young women struggle through dilemmas and various relationships, while experiencing their unbidden desire for each other.   They long for ...

    pvp.18.95 €


  • A Season of Change

    por D. C. Elmore

    Global Book 2006

    A Season of Change

    Well known novelist, Sierra Stanton, is having a lousy year. During the same week that she loses her mother to cancer, she also is betrayed by her lover and her best friend. Needing to recover ...

    pvp.9.95 €


  • She Waits

    por SWEENEY, Kate

    Intaglio Publications 2006

    She Waits

    Kate Ryan is a middle-aged, accident prone, ex-private investigator. Emphasis on 'ex' as she and her partner gave up their profession after their last case nearly cost both of them, their lives. They wisely decided ...

    pvp.15.95 €


  • Anticipation

    por Terri Breneman

    Bella Books 2006


    Attorney Toni Barston has been assigned to prosecute a serial killer - one who has already confessed to the crimes and agreed to plead guilty in exchange for life without parole. But then a mistake ...

    pvp.9.95 €


  • Tristaine Rises
    Tristaine Series - Book 3

    por Cate Culpepper

    Bold Strokes Books 2006

    Tristaine Rises

    Tristaine: Book Three   On the run from the City soldiers, the Amazons of Tristaine seek refuge deep in the mountains, where an even greater danger awaits.   In their new mountain stronghold, a battle ...

    pvp.9.95 €


  • The Night Watch

    por WATERS, Sarah

    Virago 2006

    The Night Watch

    Sarah Waters, the award-winning author of three novels set in Victorian London, returns with a stunning novel that marks a departure from the 19th century. Moving back through the 1940s, through air raids, blacked out ...

    pvp.19.95 €


  • Point to Point Navigation
    A Memoir 1964 to 2006

    por VIDAL, Gore

    Little, Brown & Co. 2006

    Point to Point Navigation

    POINT TO POINT NAVIGATION refers to a form of navigation Gore Vidal resorted to as a first mate in the navy during World War II. As he says, 'As I was writing this account of ...

    pvp.12.50 €


  • Turn Back Time


    Bold Strokes Books 2006

    Turn Back Time

    Love has a way of derailing the best of plans. Wynter Thompson, divorced with a young child, struggles to balance the demands of her surgical residency with the responsibilities of motherhood -and between the two, ...

    pvp.9.95 €


    A Kristin Ashe Mystery

    por Jennifer Jordan

    Spinsters Ink 2006


    The Fourth Kristin Ashe Mystery Twenty years ago, four young women set out on a backcountry ski trip in the Colorado Rockies. Four days later, only three emerged alive. It's now Christmastime in Denver, and private investigator Kristin ...

    pvp.9.95 €



    por Ann Aldrich

    The Feminist Press 2006


    Introduction by Marijane Meaker. Afterword by Stephanie Foote. Ann Aldrich (then the pen name of Marijane Meaker) flings a provocative assertion at her readers in 1955 when she opens her groundbreaking account of lesbian life in New ...

    pvp.14.95 €


  • Living Two Lives: Married to a Man and In Love with a Woman

    From 1967 to 1979 Joanne Fleisher led a happy life in the suburbs, a mother of two and the wife of a successful lawyer. Then she fell in love with a female friend and everything ...

    pvp.15.95 €


  • Leave of Absence

    por S. Renée Bess

    Leave of Absence

    Corey Lomax, a writer and English professor at Allerton University in suburban Philadelphia, continues to recover from the rupture of a six year relationship with Jennifer Renfrew, the university’s Assistant Dean of Admissions. Jennifer has ...

    pvp.13.95 €


  • Franny, the Queen of Provincetown

    por PRESTON, John

    Arsenal Pulp Press 2005

    Franny, the Queen of Provincetown

    In Franny, The Queen of Provincetown, John Preston created one of his most memorable characters from the more than 30 books he authored or edited over his storied career. Franny is a proud, protective friend to the ...

    pvp.14.95 €


  • Commitment to Die

    por Jennifer Jordan

    Commitment to Die

    Lauren Fairchild hiked to a remote Colorado lake and committed suicide – that much seems sure. But why? Why would she abandon her only sister, her beloved niece, and her raven-haired, hazel-eyed lover? What mysterious ...

    pvp.14.95 €


  • Rosemary and Juliet

    por Judy MacLean

    Harrington Park 2004

    Rosemary and Juliet

    Can two teenage girls find happiness in each other's arms'when it seems the whole world is against them? In tender, compelling prose, Judy MacLean brings her contemporary take on Shakespeare's classic play to vivid life. Rosemary ...

    pvp.19.99 €


  • Twist of Fate

    por Jessica Casavant

    Yellow Rose Books 2003

    Twist of Fate

    Just as her husband's campaign for the U.S Presidency is about to start, journalist Lauren Taylor is confronted with proof of her affair with a woman a few years before. The threat of exposure forces ...

    pvp.15.95 €


  • Stone Butch Blues

    por FEINBERG, Leslie

    Alyson 2003

    Stone Butch Blues

    Woman or man? This internationally acclaimed novel looks at the world through the eyes of Jess Goldberg, a masculine girl growing up in the "Ozzie and Harriet" McCarthy era and coming out as a young ...

    pvp.22.50 €


  • Touching Feeling: Affect, Pedagogy, Performativity


    Duke University Press 2003

    Touching Feeling: Affect, Pedagogy, Performativity

    A pioneer in queer theory and literary studies, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick brings together for the first time in Touching Feeling her most powerful explorations of emotion and expression. In essays that show how her groundbreaking ...

    pvp.24.00 €


  • 2 girls

    por Perihan Magden

    Serpent's Tail 2002

    2 girls

    It's summer in Istanbul and the body of a young man is discovered in a local lake. The air is oppressive as Behiye prepares to enter one of Turkey's most prestigious universities. Angry, overweight, embarrassed ...

    pvp.15.95 €


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  • El lapicero mágico / The magic pencil

    por GÓMEZ CAMUS, Alicia & AMAVISCA, Luis

    Egales 2012

    El lapicero mágico / The magic pencil

    Aquella tarde Margarita tenia muchas ganas de ver a sus amigos Daniel y Carlo. Juntos salieron para ir al parque y de camino pasaron cerca de la casa de Garrapata... ¡No podian imaginar lo que ...

    pvp.16.95 €

  • Carved in Stone

    por ARNOLD, Charlotte G.

    Egales 2012

    Carved in Stone

    In the wilds of rural Northeast England, Lady Roise-Harwood is facing the prospect of having to part with her beloved ancestral home.   Isabelle Perez, more at home in the hub of gay London nightlife ...

    pvp.16.00 €

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