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  • The Tree and the Vine

    por Dola de Jong

    The Feminist Press 1996

    The Tree and the Vine

    Afterword by Lillian Faderman This courageous early work of lesbian fiction (1951) tells the gripping story of two women torn between desires and taboos in the years leading up to the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam. Erica, ...

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  • The Remarkable Journey of Miss Tranby Quirke

    por Elizabeth Ridley

    Virago 1996

    The Remarkable Journey of Miss Tranby Quirke

    When love enters Tranby Quirke's life in the form of a beautiful 19-year-old student, Lysette McDonald, she embarks on the most remarkable journey of all. London: 1909. Thirty-four-year-old spinster and secret suffragette Tranby Quirke spends her ...

    pvp.9.95 €


  • How Can an Angel Take My Heart?
    The Positive Side of Temptation

    por Regina Knox

    1st Books Library 1996

    How Can an Angel Take My Heart?

    Two African American women struggle with love, lust, and most of all the voice of God. Soon you will love Angel and Kennedy as if you?ve known them all your lives, and their story of ...

    pvp.20.95 €


  • The Fifth Sacred Thing

    por Starhawk

    Bantam Books 1993

    The Fifth Sacred Thing

    An epic tale of freedom and slavery, love and war, and the potential futures of humankind tells of a twenty-first century California clan caught between two clashing worlds, one based on tolerance, the other on ...

    pvp.12.95 €


  • Aquamarine

    por Carol Anshaw

    Mariner Books 1992


    Olympic swimmer Jesse Austin is seduced and consequently edged out for a gold medal by her Australian rival. From there, Anshaw intricately traces three possible paths for Jesse, spinning exhilarating variations on the themes of ...

    pvp.9.95 €


  • Deaths of Jocasta

    por REDMANN, J.M.

    Bella Books 1992

    Deaths of Jocasta

    New Orleans private detective Micky Knight has been hired to provide security for an exclusive party on the bucolic side of Lake Ponchartrain. Hand picked guests, a beautiful spring weekend and women everywhere - the ...

    pvp.20.95 €


  • Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

    por WINTERSON, Jeanette

    Vintage 1991

    Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

    'Like most people I lived for a long time with my mother and father. My father liked to watch the wrestling, my mother liked to wrestle; it didn't matter what' Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit ...

    pvp.6.95 €

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  • Gentlemen, I address You Privately

    This forceful story involves an English priest, Munday, defrocked for playing "Poeme de l'Extase" during collection, who exiles himself to Normandy's wild countryside. Here he befriends the Cockney sailor, Ayton, a vagabond as shifty as ...

    pvp.20.95 €


  • Heartbreak on the High Sierra

    Heartbreak on the High Sierra is a lesbian western in true spaghetti tradition, bubbling with thrills, spills and suspense; a story that begins with a cataclysmic storm and builds up a rip-roaring climax; a romance ...

    pvp.3.95 €


  • Letting In The Night

    por Joan Lindau

    Firebrand Books 1989

    Letting In The Night

    Letting In The Night is the tender story of two women in love—separated by geography, time, and their own decisions—who reafirm their relationship in the face of one woman's terminal illness.

    pvp.9.95 €


  • Primate Visions: Gender, Race, and Nature in the World of Modern Science

    In this book, Haraway (biology, Univ. of California, Santa Cruz) claims there is a Western white male bias in theories of human evolution and culture and discusses the problems facing female scientists in this field. ...

    pvp.37.50 €


  • Torchlight to Valhalla

    por Gail Wilhelm

    Naiad Press 1985

    Torchlight to Valhalla

    First published in 1938, a joyous change from the intense loving sadness found in WE TOO ARE DRIFTING, the story follows the life of Morgen, nursing her dying father, Fritz, while working to develop her ...

    pvp.9.95 €


  • All Passion Spent

    por SACKVILLE-WEST, Vita

    Virago 1984

    All Passion Spent

    In 1860, as a young girl of 17, Lady Slane nurtures a secret, burning ambition—to become an artist. She becomes, instead, the wife of a great statesman and the mother of six children. Seventy years later, released by ...

    pvp.4.95 €


  • Sudden Death

    por BROWN, Rita Mae

    Bantam Books 1984

    Sudden Death

    Outrageous, irrepressible and endlessly  entertaining, the bestselling author of Rubyfruit Jungle  andBingo spins a behind-the-scenes tale of women's  professional tennis that dramtically intertwines  the heart-stopping excitement of competition and  the lingering heartache of intimate human bonds.  Carmen Semanan loves three things passionalty:  tennis, money ...

    pvp.3.95 €





    Une femme ne sort pas de sa chambre, lieu de la séparation avec le monde. Est-elle malade? S'est-elle de sa propre volonté isolée? Dans cet univers clos le réel et l'imaginaire ne cessent de s'entrecroiser. ...

    pvp.4.00 €


  • Myra Breckinridge

    por VIDAL, Gore

    Bantam Books 1968

    Myra Breckinridge

    Myra Breckinridge is a 1968 satirical novel written in the form of a diary. Described by the critic Dennis Altman as "part of a major cultural assault on the assumed norms of gender and sexuality which ...

    pvp.6.95 €


  • Paris Was Yesterday 1925 - 1939
    Solamente en inglés

    por FLANNER, Janet

    Harvest / HBJ Book

    Paris Was Yesterday  1925 - 1939

    In 1925 Janet Flanner began dispatching her famous New Yorker 'Letter from Paris', from which most of the pieces in this collection are drawn. Together, they give an incomparable view of French political, social, and ...

    pvp.21.00 €


  • Women of the Left Bank Paris, 1900 - 1940
    Únicamente en inglés

    por BENSTOCK, Shari

    University of Texas Press

    Women of the Left Bank  Paris, 1900 - 1940

    A fascinating exploration of the lives and works of some two dozen American, English and French women whose talent shaped the Paris expatriate experience in the twenty century's early years. This ambitious historical, biographical, and ...

    pvp.32.00 €


  • Wild Girls

    por SOUHAMI, Diana

    St. Martin's Griffin

    Wild Girls

    'Wild Girls' is the critically acclaimed true story of two wealthy Americans heiresses -one artist, the other a writer- whose stormy, passionate love affaire captivated Paris's salon set between the wars. Batalie Barney and Romaine ...

    pvp.21.00 €

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  • The Trials of Radclyffe Hall

    por SOUHAMI, Diana


    The Trials of Radclyffe Hall

    Biography of Radclyffe Hall.

    pvp.28.00 €


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  • El lapicero mágico / The magic pencil

    por GÓMEZ CAMUS, Alicia & AMAVISCA, Luis

    Egales 2012

    El lapicero mágico / The magic pencil

    Aquella tarde Margarita tenia muchas ganas de ver a sus amigos Daniel y Carlo. Juntos salieron para ir al parque y de camino pasaron cerca de la casa de Garrapata... ¡No podian imaginar lo que ...

    pvp.16.95 €

  • Carved in Stone

    por ARNOLD, Charlotte G.

    Egales 2012

    Carved in Stone

    In the wilds of rural Northeast England, Lady Roise-Harwood is facing the prospect of having to part with her beloved ancestral home.   Isabelle Perez, more at home in the hub of gay London nightlife ...

    pvp.16.00 €

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