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ISBN: 0-340-01262-5
Fecha de la edición: 2012
Dimensiones: Second Hand Paperback cm
Nº Pág.: 191

pvp.4.00 €


Resumen del libro

This will introduce an exciting new author who writes English for Americans with taste.
Mary Stewart has a keen wit, a zest for adventure, an eye for the details that turn "characters" into interesting memorable people. From a standing start, she leads you on a swift, breathless chase that turns this quiet story into a perfectly splendid novel of suspense.
Her setting is the south of France. Two young Englishwomen arrive on vacation, expecting a conventional holiday. They are Charity Selborne, an extravagantly lovely war widow, and her amusing, irreverent artist friend, Louise Cray. The enchanting vista of Provence delights them, and Charity is pleased to make her first conquest, a young man of thirteen who is having trouble with his dog.
The young man introduces himself and Charity is charmed . . . until she senses terrible maturity behind his grave eyes.
From that point on the tension mounts steadily until it reaches breaking point, while the thirsty heat of the Provencal summer, the noise of cicadas, the dust of country roads all contribute to the superb realism of the novel.
There is a fine love affair, but as one English writer remarked, "For once love interest doesn't hold up the story."
In effect, here is a real find.

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