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Hotel Arcadia

por SINGH, Sunny
Hotel Arcadia
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Editorial: Quartet Book
ISBN: 978-0704373792
Fecha de la edición: 2016
Lugar de la edición: (UK)
Nº Pág.: 232

pvp.19.95 €


Resumen del libro

Sam is a war photographer famous for her hauntingly beautiful pictures of the dead. After a particularly gruelling assignment, she checks into an expensive hotel. Unfortunately she has chosen the exact moment that terrorists attack. Abhi, the hotel manager, begs her to stay quiet and stay put. Abhi has never wanted to be a hero. He thought he’d come to a safe haven at the hotel, a place where he could be himself. Now stuck inside the sealed off manager’s office in the middle of a terrorist attack, he's desperately trying to keep those still alive, safe. His lover Dieter is amongst the hostages in the bar and the photographer Sam, refusing to stay in her room, is roaming through the hotel taking pictures, potentially coming face to face with the terrorists at any moment. A small injured child Billy is found alive under the bodies of his dead parents and the non-maternal Sam has to bring him to her room. As the tension mounts and more people are killed, the bond between Sam and Abhi, between Sam and Billy, grows. If any of them get out alive, none of them will ever be the same.
‘Over and over again I came across passages that were so true that I was punching the air… Sunny Singh’s Hotel Arcadia is the ultimate nail-biting thriller, as well as a work of literary art worthy of a Booker Prize shortlist.’ Edward Wilson, Author of The Midnight Swimmer, The Envoy, The Darkling Spy, River in May and most recently The Whitehall Mandarin.
‘A terrifyingly lifelike and filmic tale of a terrorist attack. As reader you feel that you yourself are locked up in Hotel Arcadia.’ Philibert Schogt
'A gripping novel that makes you think. I read it in one breath'. Abdelkader Benali
It’s well written and tightly plotted.’ Amanda Craig
‘The excellence of this novel is its canny synthesis of elements: the essential thriller plot (at times reminiscent of the most powerful writing of Graham Greene; no mean feat in itself) and the careful accretion of character detail in which the principals force us to decide that our initial impressions of them may not be the ones we're finally left with.’ Barry Forshaw 
Singh's novel is not only a page-turning thriller. It is far more than that. We never meet the terrorists: they are nearly always elsewhere. Singh's characters inhabit an arena of trauma, where little happens but the play of light and shadow on a screen and in the soul.’ Stevie Davies, The Independent

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