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por Mickey Minner
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ISBN: 978-1933720685
Fecha de la edición: 2009
Lugar de la edición: (USA)
Nº Pág.: 145

pvp.14.95 €


Resumen del libro

The Old West... The words alone bring images of wagon trains, gunfights, rowdy towns, and cattle stampedes to the mind. Yet the West was much more. It was a vast unknown. Those who ventured into the West had to adapt to survive.
Basketball coach Pat Calvin and player-coach Sherry Gallagher, happy for the off season and for time to settle into their new relationship, suddenly find themselves rediscovering a past they never knew existed. On a tour of Missoula, the women discover, in a second hand store, an old journal which contains glimpses into the life of two women, Jesse and Jennifer Branson, who lived in Western Montana over a century before. Pat and Sherry decide to try and find the locations described in the journal even as their happiness is interrupted.
Pat is spitefully accused of actions which, if proven true, could end her coaching career. As Pat and Sherry fight for their future, they come to understand that women in the west have been doing the same since Montana was a frontier.

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