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The Sunday Philosophy Club

The Sunday Philosophy Club
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ISBN: 1-4000-7709-5
Fecha de la edición: 2011
Dimensiones: Trade Second Hand cm
Nº Pág.: 247

pvp.6.00 €


Resumen del libro

Introducing Isabel Dalhousie, editor of the Review of Applied Ethics and occasional sleuth, who is often accused of getting involved in problems that are, quite frankly, none of her business.
In this first installment, Isabel is attending a concert in the Usher Hall when she witnesses a man fall from the upper balcony. Isabel can’t help wondering whether it was the result of mischance or mischief. Against the best advice of her no-nonsense housekeeper Grace, her bassoon playing friend Jamie, and even her romantically challenged niece Cat, she is morally bound to solve this case. Complete with wonderful Edinburgh atmosphere and characters straight out of a Robert Burns poem, The Sunday Philosophy Club is a delightful treat from one of our most beloved authors.

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